Galleon Films is developing an ambitious slate of high-quality Films, Television, Animation and Documentary Features intended for the international market place

Projects in advance development:

A War of their Own – directed by Oscar and twice Palm d’Or winner Bille August

Summer of 1914 the world goes to war, as do two remarkable British women: single mother, Elsie Knocker, and ‘tomboy’ beauty Mairi Chisholm. Over four years, drawing strength from their close personal relationship, they battle the obvious enemy and challenge social and military conventions about the role of women in war and society.

A War of their Own’ is an inspiring story of love, survival, and courage. It is not a conventional WWI trench war film. It is female driven by two characters that are as exceptional as they are empowered. Two women ahead of their time whose courage and determination will effortlessly communicate with contemporary audiences.

A prestigious, independent film, delivered by a veteran European director, that celebrates the power of the human spirit and the overlooked role that women played in WWI.

Storm Witch – directed by multi-Bafta winner David Blair

Storm Witch is an unsettling, suspense, romance set in an isolated and rugged fishing community in Britain. Inspired by real events which came to be known as the 17th Century ‘Witch Hunts: an Inquisition that ‘dealt with’ spirited and often exceptional women, through inscrutable trials and accusations of witchcraft.

Storm Witch is of powerful contemporary relevance given the world wide shocking levels of violence against women; divisive religious fanaticism; the undermining of hard won women’s rights; and the toxic intolerance of difference.

Storm Witch is heavily packaged with A-list actors and is in Advance Development

Bar Italia - directed by up and coming director Gabriele Iacovone

Bar Italia is set in London’s Soho world famous café the ‘Bar Italia’. A pertinent documentary feature that will, through the microcosm of the Bar Italia and its irrepressible owner family – the Polledris, together with a host of A-list celebrities, take its audience on an emotional and exhilarating journey through seven decades of London history.

Bar Italia is a thought provoking documentary feature of considerable human interest. It celebrates a successful story of immigration, something not often depicted, and reflects on current socio-economic, brutal changes impacting all the world's great capital cities: where land becomes scarce, property developers, corporations and 'coffee chains' move in to replace/annihilate long established, community vital family run businesses. In London’s Soho the Bar Italia is one of last independent / family run businesses.

Ines de Castro

One of the first independent European films to be completely shot in Virtual Production.

The legend of Ines de Castro has gripped the imagination of artists for some 650 plus years. They have immortalised her and her lover’s fate in every art form but never before on film in the English language.

The film, based on true events, is a fantastical retelling of an incomparable Latin love story which explores the enormity of true love in its capacity to conquer insurmountable odds.

Exquisitely designed and emotionally stirring, Ines de Castro will deliver epic cinema through film production techniques that boast low carbon emissions.

This stunning film will not compromise on quality or cinematic scope. It will embrace budgetary prudence whilst using Virtual Production technology and a climate responsible film that is socially and climate conscious.

Director Tiago Mesquita’s ground breaking creative vision will take audiences on a journey of high quality, epic cinema that explores humanity’s ever-raging conflicts of masculine and feminine power; revenge and forgiveness; and love and hate.

Ines de Castro is in Advance Development.

Projects in early development:

The Angel of Bordeaux

The Angel of Bordeaux is based on a true story and celebrates the brave actions of a little known Portuguese diplomat - Aristides de Sousa Mendes – who conducted the greatest, individual rescue operation during the Holocaust.

The Angel of Bordeaux is not a traditional war movie nor is it in the vain of ‘Schindler's List’. It is the first English language retelling of a brave humanitarian who faced an impossible moral and professional decision: ‘obey your conscience and face devastating personal and professional consequences by defying the orders of your country’s brutal dictator; or turn a blind eye to humanity's suffering and continue to enjoy an affluent and privileged life’. Aristides made the self-sacrificing moral choice and issued 30,000 life saving visas to refugees fleeing the Nazis and in so doing destroyed his reputation and his life.

In our times of brutal wars and of a world divided into spheres of irreconcilable interests, there is no greater need but to reflect on untold stories of courage, selflessness and inspiring humanitarian deeds.

Project Developed to full award winning screenplay staus.

The Duchess of Malfi

A timeless and filmic adaptation of John Webster’s great theatre play

Project developed to full screenplay and in the process of attaching a director.

Lady Bare Knuckles

If Paris is the city of love, London is the city of sin!

A provocative, hilarious and often shocking romp through 17th century London. The film features a gallery of Britain’s most notorious rogues, thieves, politicians, prostitutes, preachers, pirates and England’s most enigmatic but little known female bare knuckle fighter.